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Excuse the pun in this here blog title, I know there is naught as tedious as a punster. But hey ho, I take enjoyment out of the littlest of things.

This fine, sunny Monday morning comes to you by the word 'tired'. How is it that however relaxing your weekend, or however early you make it into your bed on Sunday night, getting up on a Monday is so grueling? 

With that in mind, I'm about to pour myself a huge cup of tea. You really can't beat it. 

So, in honour of everyone's (well, my) favourite drink, I've rounded up some tea-riffic (there I go again) bits and bats from across the Internet. Enjoy. Preferably with a mug of steaming hot tea in hand.

Top left, Kandula peppermint tea via Not on the High Street, top right, Whittard's of Chelsea black tea selection, bottom left, tea cup and saucer via Debenhams, bottom right, Exotic Teapot gift set with glass tea pot

Not a fan of traditional English breakfast tea? How about this peppermint tea gift set (above), via Not on The High Street. A Great Taste Awards 2011 Gold Stat winner, this pure peppermint leaf tea is ethically sourced (bonus) and can be gift wrapped should you want to treat someone. 

I LOVE Whittard's of Chelsea and had a mild obsession with an instant coffee milkshake they used to sell some years ago. This black tea selection from the brand looks a winner too, if only to pop 'on show' on your kitchen shelf. Beautiful.

Tea drinker? There is no better way to sip it than via a dainty cup and saucer, like this pretty one from Debenhams.

And when I spotted the glass tea pot (above) via Exotic Tea Pot it prompted this very post. Cool, isn't it?

So, are you a tea drinker? Or are you in the coffee camp?

Spotlight On: Cordello Home

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So, how did we get to Wednesday already? Honestly, the weeks are merging into one. If only the weekends were five days long and the working week was two though, eh? Lauren for PM, that's what I say!

Anyhoo, there's no time for idle chit chat. Not when there's some stunning products from a brand new retro-esque home brand to gawp at.


Left: Cordello side plates, top, Cordello canvas tote bag, bottom, Cordello cushions

Cordello Home has my name written all over its quirky, 60s-eqsue prints and bright and cheery textiles. I'm already thinking of snapping up those colourful side plates, above, and possibly even a cushion or two.

I love the story behind the site, too. Set up by Kate Shaw, Cordello Home began with a simple love for graphic design. "Out of this love has grown a desire to bring pattern to life in the home..."says Kate, going on to say the products are inspired by a simple heart shape, globally recognised as a symbol of love, emotion and passion. Everybody say 'aww!'.

'Love'-ly Products

While I'm not too big a fan of all things Valentine's-y (see here), I am wondering if this is not the perfect brand for all you lovers ahead of February 14. I know it's a while off yet, though. Still, good to be organised eh?

With a love of all things Italian, the brand's name came about as a result of two Italian words: 'heart' (cuore) and 'pattern' (modello), and I for one love the products' laid-back style. Price-wise, you'll be pleased the line won't set you back a ridiculous amount of moolah too.

Have you seen any new brands or sites you like the look of?

Until next time, folks...

A Sleek and Stylish Manchester Pad

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If there's one thing I love about my 'day job' as copywriter for a furniture firm, it's the fact that I get to research beautiful interiors trends each and every day. It was when doing this, I stumbled upon the latest project from Sian over at the blog Moregeous: this sleek and stylish rental accommodation in West Didsbury, Manchester.

'The Pad', pictured in all its neon yellow and moody grey glory (below) is very Abigail Ahern in its styling, quirky trinkets are combined with boldly painted furniture, wooden pieces, and rustic-looking light fittings.


A Victorian property, the pad uses a palette of greys, off-white, soft walnut and neon yellow, says Sian over on her blog. Walls are painted with Farrow and Ball Ammonite and one of Sian’s favourite pieces is the re-upholstered chair, pictured. A once-gold mirror has been painted neon yellow, and fabrics from Romo give the accommodation a really luxurious feel.
I for one can’t wait to check out The Pad on my next visit to Manchester. I’ve always loved the city (being around a 50-minute drive from my hometown I would often spend my Saturdays shopping in its city centre) and even contemplated moving there.

You can find out more about the space by heading over to Sian's blog, or by following the lady herself on Twitter, where you can book a room and enquire about features and services.
What do you think of this cool new Manchester pad?