This Really Takes the Biscuit...

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Someone at work told me the funniest story the other day involving a Tunnocks Teacake. Well, a woman dressed up as one (Tunnocks are from Scotland) for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games. Apparently, the women in question, a nursery worker, had phoned her boss to tell him she was sick, but was later spotted on TV dancing around in a giant Tunnocks tea cake outfit. You couldn't make it up....

So now seemed a good a time as any to let you in on quite possibly THE best crockery ever made: the Tunnocks tea cake plate, via Hunkydory Home.

While they're are a bit on the pricey side (£14.50 each), how cool are these plates?! Although, I tell you what, they won't do much for anyone on a diet. If my tea was presented on one I'd definitely expect nothing less than a Tunnocks tea cake for 'afters', wouldn't you?

If a Tunnocks plate wasn't exciting enough for you (seriously??), feast your eyes on this super squishy Tunnocks cushion, also from Hunkydory Home.

And no living room would surely be complete without a custard cream footstool? This trio of treats has been designed by Scottish designer Gillian Kyle; the plate is bone china and has been hand finished in the UK's historic ceramic capital, Stoke on Trent.

What quirky bits and pieces have you spotted online recently? Found anything cooler than a custard cream footstool?

Christmas is a Coming...

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So, I feel now December 25 is but three months away I can drone on about the big day itself here on BTTOH. Can I?! Aww, please say I can....

Without further ado, then, I'm bringing you a colourful Christmas-y round up today on the blog, because I know some of you, like me, just love getting organised. Behold - isn't this little lot just a feast for the eyes?

Top row Honeycomb lanterns, Countdown to Christmas, Mel Smith Christmas cards. Bottom row: Retro fairy lights, Christmas garland.
Honeycomb Lanterns
These 'honeycomb'-style lanterns seem to be everywhere at the moment, so I just couldn't put this festive post together without including some. Available from Hunkydoryhome (seriously, check out this site if you love quirky, colourful bits and bobs for the home) and offer a modern take on Christmas decs. What do you reckon?

Countdown to Christmas

Feel too old for a choccy Advent calendar? Get one of these bad boys instead; if you can remember to flip it round everyday. I know I'd quickly forget; I have a memory like a sieve. Get yours via Tesco, who, alongside some of the other supermarkets, have really upped their game on the home ware front of late.

Quirky Christmas Cards

Looking for something a bit different when it comes to Christmas cards? I usually head straight to my nearest supermarket for mine and buy them in bulk. But you know what happens then? You get about half a dozen of the same cards through your own letterbox. Why? Because everyone else heads straight to the supermarket, too. Why not, instead, take a look at the fabulously quirky designs of Mel Smith, over here.

Retro Fairy Lights

You've got to love all things retro to bring a shot of festive nostalgia to proceedings. I love these retro lights from Ellie Ellie. Drape them around a doorway, over a mirror, or spruce up some shelves!

Merry Christmas Garland

A QUID. This Christmas decoration is just a QUID! Who says getting your home ready for the big day has to be costly. Get your festive garland for a pound,

Until next time, folks....

On the Wishlist...

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Happy Hump Day, folks! We've made it to Wednesday already and the weekend's very much in sight....

How's your week shaping up so far?

In the first of a new series, I'm sharing with you a few bits and pieces very much on my shopping 'wish list' at the moment. Et voila...

Left: Quince Living cappucino mug tower, top right, jelly mould pendant lights, bottom right, mug and saucer sets

I love pastel shades. I never knew I was such a girly girl in that respect to be honest, but show me something in pale pink, lavender or mint green and I'm in! For that reason alone I love these Aztec-inspired cappuccino cups, above, but hey - they also come in a handy stack!

As if I don't already own enough cups and saucers, these (seen above, bottom right) are pretty cool too, aren't they? I think it'd be less about drinking from them, though, and more about giving them pride of place on my kitchen shelf.

Jelly mould lights, you say? Do they really need an introduction. I'm sold, just for the sheer inventive-ness of them!

Until next time, my friends....