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With the Great British Bake Off now back on the telly box, I've been whipping up sweet treats left, right and centre. There's just something about watching others bake cakes that inspires you to get into the kitchen yourself, isn't there? 

And I've vowed that I'll put whisk to mixing bowl at least once a week, while the GBBO is on. It's always nice to sit down, cup of cocoa in hand and something light and fluffy on a saucer as the opening credits are a-rolling.

Usually, baking is something I do when I've got a lot of other stuff I really should be doing. Like ironing. Or filling in my tax return. It's called procrastibaking, apparently. But let me tell you, there's nothing that clears the head more than mixing up a good sponge. Do you agree?

To celebrate all things GBBO, I'm bringing you this lovely lot of kitchen delights...

Heart Measuring Spoons

I'm in need of some new measuring spoons, since I accidentally popped my ceramic ones in the dishwasher recently. Of course, they came out with a huge crack down the middle. These heart ones from Mollie and Fred are kitch and cute - perfect for an at-home Sunday afternoon bake off challenge with your fella. Oh, doesn't anyone do that?!

Personalised Biscuit Stamps

I don't know about you, but I've always thought there's something huge missing from biscuits: personalisation. I'm joking. But it wouldn't hurt to have your name on your biscuit would it? In case you live with a serial nicker of biscuits. Get your personalised baking stamps from Not on the High Street. Overpriced, but oh so cool.

You're a Dish Tea Towel

Some might call them sooooo yesterday, but I love a cheeky slogan tea towel. This rather saucy one would look great on your bedroom floor. Errr, what on earth am I on about?! I mean on your kitchen cupboard. Get a tea towel like the one pictured above, via the link on the left.

Macaron Making Kit

I need all the help I can get when it comes to macaron-making. As if by magic, voila: macaron kit. And unless you're Mary Berry, I bet you've struggled making the dainty blighters, too?!

Will you be tuning into the Bake Off tomorrow night? Who's your favourite so far?

Spotlight On: Bee & Tea

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Hands up whose week's got off to a good start already. I know, it's only 9am, but when you've got out of the bed on the right side, you just know it's going to be a great 24 hours.

I'm full of the joys of I'm confident the sun will rear its head and stay out well into tomorrow, when some old work friends will be arriving for an 'afternoon tea'. I'll be breaking out my vintage china, popping on a pinny and whipping up some cakes in the kitchen for the little get-together - and I for one can't wait. Always good to catch up with pals. What have you got planned?

Today on BTTOH, I'm shining the spotlight on Bee and Tea - I just had to share the site with you. It contains little gems like this bright and cheery floral mugs; they're right up my street, are you with me?

Bee and Tea mugs
What I love about the company, though, is that it was founded by two sisters - Bridget and Natasha. Inspired by childhood visits to their granny's in Normandy, they both have a passion for flowers, gardens, beautiful objects, home-grown produce and cooking - a great combination, I think.

This is reflected in how they decorate their family homes, and as a result Be and Tea was born. British manufacturing is the order of the day, with the mugs being made in a factory in Stoke run by three brothers - its all very lovely and family-orientated, isn't it?

Don't forget to pop by the site and let me know what you think, it's definitely worth a look.

Over and out.

Until next time...


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Excuse the pun in this here blog title, I know there is naught as tedious as a punster. But hey ho, I take enjoyment out of the littlest of things.

This fine, sunny Monday morning comes to you by the word 'tired'. How is it that however relaxing your weekend, or however early you make it into your bed on Sunday night, getting up on a Monday is so grueling? 

With that in mind, I'm about to pour myself a huge cup of tea. You really can't beat it. 

So, in honour of everyone's (well, my) favourite drink, I've rounded up some tea-riffic (there I go again) bits and bats from across the Internet. Enjoy. Preferably with a mug of steaming hot tea in hand.

Top left, Kandula peppermint tea via Not on the High Street, top right, Whittard's of Chelsea black tea selection, bottom left, tea cup and saucer via Debenhams, bottom right, Exotic Teapot gift set with glass tea pot

Not a fan of traditional English breakfast tea? How about this peppermint tea gift set (above), via Not on The High Street. A Great Taste Awards 2011 Gold Stat winner, this pure peppermint leaf tea is ethically sourced (bonus) and can be gift wrapped should you want to treat someone. 

I LOVE Whittard's of Chelsea and had a mild obsession with an instant coffee milkshake they used to sell some years ago. This black tea selection from the brand looks a winner too, if only to pop 'on show' on your kitchen shelf. Beautiful.

Tea drinker? There is no better way to sip it than via a dainty cup and saucer, like this pretty one from Debenhams.

And when I spotted the glass tea pot (above) via Exotic Tea Pot it prompted this very post. Cool, isn't it?

So, are you a tea drinker? Or are you in the coffee camp?