Hey Good Looking, Whatcha Got Cooking?

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In fact, let's not mess about here: how the blimming 'eck are you?

I'm not one of those bloggers who feels it necessary to apologise for going AWOL and not posting for a couple of months (hey, that's life - and we all get busy) but I am sad that I haven't had chance to catch up with you all. So, how be you? What's been 'appening? Do tell....

I'm kicking off with my first post of 2015 by sharing you some absolutely spiffing products from the site, Maiden.This is the kind of site that has Friday written all over it, with its cheery bits and bobs you don't need, but most definitely have to have.

I mean, just have a look at the actual shop version of Maiden. Don't you just want EVERYTHING. Yes, even that, let's face it, pretty miserable-looking rabbit. Go on, give him a home.

Anyone for nibbles? This Mexican Corona tray is a bit of alright, innit? I've got to be honest, though, my tray collection is getting a bit out of hand. I know, I know - I need to get out more. I'll get my coat...

But egg cups, on the other hand. I'm always up for more of those. I eat boiled eggs like they're going out of fashion. Or something. And would you just look at this set of 4 Sesame Street gems. Going on the wishlist, as we speak. In fact, I think I may forgo my choccy Easter egg this year and treat myself to these little beauties instead.

I've saved the best 'til last though, I'm not going to lie. I think we all NEED one of these, don't we? It's only an iPad iBed!

Imagine chowing down on your breakfast tomorrow morning while casually browsing all your favourite sites. AT THE SAME TIME. No greasy-fingers-on-screen here, my friends. Thank you and goodnight. Or good morning. Oh whatever.
Until next time, folks....

Pull Up a Chair...

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..the kettle's just clicked. Let me pour you a fresh cuppa while you chow down on a delicious fry up. This is breakfast Back to the Old House style - and you're invited!

One of my favourite things to do at the weekend, aside from enjoy a good, long (well-deserved!) lie in, is tuck into a proper brekkie. You know, the kind of long, drawn out affair you just don't have time for on a weekday, when you're rushing, hair sodden (I rarely have time to blow dry!) to your car, a measly piece of toast in hand.

So, let's savour every last mouthful this morning. Let's really enjoy that refreshing cup of tea, and each bite of that carefully buttered toast. Heck, why don't we go for it and have the works: fresh orange, toast with jam or honey, hot, buttery scrambled eggs, bacon, and black pudding?

This weekend, I'm enjoying breakfast from some brand new kitchen bits and pieces; I'm drizzling honey on bread via the cute cream honey pot you see below, pouring fresh tea into some brand new stacking Aztec-style mugs, and sipping fresh, bitty orange juice from brand spanking new grey glass tumblers. Behold!

Had enough? Fancy a tea top up? Go on, it gives me chance to use another of those cute stacking mugs. Don't forget to top up on toast, too - it's fresh off the grill.

So, that was breakfast chez Back to the Old House. Hey, don't be a stranger; I enjoyed catching up over a fresh pot of tea, glass of orange and huge cooked brekkie. And even better when said breakfast is enjoyed from brand new crockery.

In terms of my kitchen-style, I'm not one of these matchy-matchy types, with pristine plates and sparkly silver cutlery. Instead, I prefer one off vintage finds and, you know, just something a bit different from identikit beige bits and pieces.

It's why I loved scouting around the shop I picked these autumn/winter goodies up from, trolley in tow.

So, now a little challenge? Have a guess where I picked up the pieces you see above. Clue: It's a supermarket. You may well be as surprised as I am at the delights on offer. Considering I picked up over eight items for just less than £50 - result!

Until next time. Go on, I'll do the washing up!

PS: Keep your eyes peeled over on Twitter; I'll soon be revealing where you can get your hands on these cheap and cheerful kitchen finds - you'll be impressed!

* This is a collaborative post

This Really Takes the Biscuit...

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Someone at work told me the funniest story the other day involving a Tunnocks Teacake. Well, a woman dressed up as one (Tunnocks are from Scotland) for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games. Apparently, the women in question, a nursery worker, had phoned her boss to tell him she was sick, but was later spotted on TV dancing around in a giant Tunnocks tea cake outfit. You couldn't make it up....

So now seemed a good a time as any to let you in on quite possibly THE best crockery ever made: the Tunnocks tea cake plate, via Hunkydory Home.

While they're are a bit on the pricey side (£14.50 each), how cool are these plates?! Although, I tell you what, they won't do much for anyone on a diet. If my tea was presented on one I'd definitely expect nothing less than a Tunnocks tea cake for 'afters', wouldn't you?

If a Tunnocks plate wasn't exciting enough for you (seriously??), feast your eyes on this super squishy Tunnocks cushion, also from Hunkydory Home.

And no living room would surely be complete without a custard cream footstool? This trio of treats has been designed by Scottish designer Gillian Kyle; the plate is bone china and has been hand finished in the UK's historic ceramic capital, Stoke on Trent.

What quirky bits and pieces have you spotted online recently? Found anything cooler than a custard cream footstool?