Animal Magic

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While I'm not the biggest animal fan in the world (I'm particularly edgy around dogs after having been bitten twice in my 30 years) I had to smile when I'm clapped eyes on these bright and cheerful ceramics from Jane Foster.

Available at Hunkydory Home (one of my favourite online shops for quirky homewares), the new designs - featuring lions, sausage dogs, a red fox, pandas and a cat - start from just £4.

Based in Devon, Jane's work is, quite clearly, influenced by all things Scandinavian and I'm sure you'll agree it's always nice to have a few fun bits and pieces amongst your usual plain white crockery.

The panda, in particular, makes me larf. Just look at his cheeky face (above).

I'll be taking a look at the range and making a purchase soon; I think my three nephews (regular visitors to the BTTOH household) will love drinking fizzy pop from these.

Are you an animal fan?

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Holidays Are Coming!

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So, how was your weekend? We caught up with some pals on Friday, before spending the rest of the weekend under a blanket watching the telly. I don't know about you, but the sudden change in weather (where has the summer gone?!) has got me feeling just a little bit festive. And I'm not the only one; I've spotted a few tweets from people saying the same.

I know, I know, Christmas is still a while off. But I like to get excited about it as early as possible. I'm not one of those people who dreads the long build-up; I relish it (with festive chutney on top), and the chance to get organised ahead of December 25. Do you?

Swedish Style

With that in mind, I'm bringing you some gorgeously festive bits and bobs via Jangneus today. The site offers a host of Swedish products to reflect the roots of its Sweden-born founder, Marie Jangneus-Davis.

It's a style that seems to be going from strength to strength, with more and more interiors shop adding lines featuring the country's sweet and quirky designs.

Just look at these gorgeous tea towels, below. I know they're only tea towels but I reckon they'd effortlessly add a spot of festive Swedish style to any kitchen.


 And here's a more traditional red and white look....

What do you make of these designs below? Make sure you pop over to the Jangneus site for a peek...

Am I right in getting excited for Christmas so early? Say you're with me on this!

Until next time folks...

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Poster Girls (and Boys)

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Like using musty, days' old tea towels because you can't be bothered to head to the launderette, and eating peanut butter out of a jar because you're waiting for your loan to come in so you can pop to ASDA, oversized posters go hand in hand with living like a student.

Got a horrible damp patch on your bedroom wall? Cover it with a poster. Don't like the dodgy wallpaper? No problem. Cover it with a poster.

But guess what? These posters from Orson and Welles could well turn postering into a grown-up art form. On account of the fact they're just a little out of the budget of most smelly students. They're originals, you see.

But hey, aren't they a sight to see?

Now I've never been much of a fan of James Bond (I know, I know) but I know a chap who is (ahem, Mr BTTOH) and this From Russia With Love poster - while a little on the pricey side - would no doubt go down a treat in our spare room-cum-Mr BTTOH's guitar 'studio'.

And would you just lay your eyes on the Beatles' Yellow Submarine poster, above. Oh yes. Now, The Beatles I am very much a fan of.

And Michael Caine. This poster is made even funnier as I once mistype Mr Caine's surname in a review of one of his films in the local rag. It went to print without anyone spotting my error. Oh how we chuckled when we later noticed it actually read 'Canine'.

Anyway, I digress. But if you're a film fanatic with a bit of moolah, make sure you head to the Orson and Welles site. And if you're in it just for the money (tut, tut), apparently posters like this can increase in value by 10% each year. EACH YEAR!

Until next time, folks...